Danstan Omari, a lawyer from the city, is pursuing legal action against the BBC

Danstan Omari

City lawyer Danstan Omari goes after BBC, Demands Sh 100M over its defamatory ‘sex for work story’ against John Chebochok.

BBC Africa is under fire for its February 17th coverage, which allegedly defamed a Kenyan man contracted by Finlay to aid in mechanization.

In the story, BBC alledged that Mr.John Chebochok had been sexually molesting residents in exchange for job which turned out to be false.

Vibrant City lawyer Danstan Omari in his demand letter directed to BBC, says that his client Mr.John Chebochok was never listened to neither did he give his side of the story during the broadcasting of the said story.

He goes ahead to inform BBC that his client worked at Finlay for 28 years and retired in 2017 to vie for Kipkelien Parliamentary seat.

” Our Client worked at Finlay for 28 years and was first appointed as an assistant Manager and later promoted to estate manager later to senior Manager position, he retired in 2017 to vie for Kipkelion constituency and six months later he was recalled and Re-appointed to help in Machinization because of the skills he posessed,” read the demand letter in parts.

Omari said that, the complainant was not working at the company at the time the story was published but his company had been contracted for the job.

Omari further informs BBC Africa that among those interviewed, no one had made a complaint with the police but his client had made one.

” None of the alledged victims mentioned and concealed in your story made any complaint to the police or other investigative Authority. Our client is indeed the rightful complainant to the police concerning the harassment he has received from Random numbers through SMS and through his wassap platform, he has never been charged in court,” Omari said.

He therefore wants BBC to make an apology within three days and admit Liability which include a fine of Sh 100M.

” That you accept Liability for defaming our client and pay Sh100M fine, offer a full and effective publication and cease and desist from publishing any further defamatory publications against our client,” said Omari

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