Former Nairobi Provincial Commissioner (PC) Davis Nathan Chelogoi bond ruling set for Monday

Davis Nathan Chelogoi

After spending four days in remand as he awaits the court to rule on whether it will grant him bail the court will make the determination on monday on whether he will be released on bond.

He was last week charged with six counts of fraud including, forgery and forevefully detentions

In the first count, he is charged with defrauding businessman Ashok Rupshi Shah and Hitenkumar Amritlal Raja of a parcel of land measuring 7.390 hectares situated in Lower Kabete Road valued at Ksh.1.3 billion contrary to the law.

Chelogoi us also charged with another count of other counts of forgery and uttering a forged document contrary to section 349 of the Penal Code where alledgly uttered a forged allotment letter to the detectives lying that it was from the commissioner of Lands.

He was also charged with forcefully detaining the said complainant above in the said land in Lower Kabete

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