How Kenyan Pilot Eric Agolla Lugalia is bribing Journalist, using corrupt skewed means to delete stories in Sh250M land fraud Scam

Eric Agolla Lugalia

At the heart of Kenyan high profile cases sits a man identified as Eric Agolla Lugalia, a well renowned pilot cum land Fraudster.

A quick investigations into his conduct shows that he has been bribing Journalists and hackers to try and help him clear his name.

” The wave of corrupt and dangerous means of clearing off his name from the internet has seen africascandals blog, a digital newsline hacked as early as yesterday, he is on a corruption spree,” a male source told our team probing the matter.

For instance, Several media houses in Kenya have brought down his story, he is on a mission to clear off his name from tge Internet, our investigations shows.

Agolla was arraigned in court over alleged illegal acquisition of a multi-million-shilling parcel of land in Nairobi two years ago.

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Eric Agolla Lugalia is said to have forged documents to lay claim on a plot of land in Karen, Nairobi worth over Sh250 million.

He was apprehended  before Nairobi Magistrate Muthoni Nzibe on Friday, the accused was charged with making a false document to defraud one Stuart Gerald Cullinan Herd of his property.

Stuart Gerald Cullinan has also been linked to Land related Fraud

According to our investigations, The 1.970-hectare parcel that Agolla attempted to steam is located along Bogani Road in Karen, according to court documents.

The charge sheet reads that Lugalia forged the land title dated August 2nd, 2005 purporting it to be a genuine certificate of tittle granted by the Ministry of Lands. He faces a second count of forging a sale agreement for the property purporting it it to be a genuine document signed by Jonathan Kipkemboi Toroitich, the late son of departed former President Daniel Arap Moi.

Lugalia pleaded not guilty to the charges and was granted a cash bail of Sh150,000. The matter will be mentioned on July 30th, 2020.


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