Is KeRRA’s Eng Jackson .K. Magondu on the EACC Radar over links to Corruption, Bribery and Embezzlement of funds? Here is what we know

Is KeRRA’s Eng Jackson .K. Magon

Details have now emerged that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption( EACC) has launched investigations into allegations that former Kenya Rural Roads Authority Deputy Director General Eng Jackson . K. Magondu oversaw a multi-million corruption Scheme. EACC is yet to confirm but according to our credible source, the Investigative agency is investigating the matter

details reaching our investigative desk reveals that Eng Magondu alledgly defrauded the agency, its contractors and the government multi-million Shillings through bribery, kickbacks and by corruption means.

In 2016, Eng Magondu was incharge of the special projects department, one of the most lucrative and sensitive departments in terms of development and infrastructure. The department that was overseeing a multi-billion projects in the country dabbed ‘ Roads 10,000KM Programme’ where’s

Eng Magondu used his position to influence awards by defrauding contractors millions of cash before fraudulently awarding the said tenders.

Further Detail have it that he would solely appoint RE’s to supervise projects.

” For one to be appointed as RE in any project they had to part with at least Sh100,000 per month failure to which they would be frustrated in the project and finally get replaced,” said by an RE who spoke to our investigative reporter.

The RE added that they faced a lot of difficulties while dealing with Eng.Magondu

Some contractors who spoke to us avers that , Mogondu would demand between Sh1M to sh2M as kickbacks for him to approve certificates for payment.

” Failure to which, contractors would face frustration and disappointment forcing them to comply just to have a conducive working environment.

New details emerged that the said Mr. Magondu has since been demoted and transferred to a different department as the probe and the investigation takes shapes.

More details to follow……

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