Mrs. Muturi is determined to pursue serious legal measures against Hon. Jack Wamboka for the domestic violence in their relationship.

Mrs. Muturi

The ex wife to Bumula Member of Parliament, Hon. Jack Wamboka, Mrs Christine Muturi, wants serious legal action taken against her ex husband, with whom they have a strained relationship that has domestic violence as the main contributor which has escalated to life endagerment.

In an interview with Nation Daily, the extravagant philanthropist stated that the Azimio MP, who she accuses of orchestrating planned misfortunes against her, disclosed that her former husband is displeased with her for refusing to let him take credit for her girls’ empowerment initiative in Bumula.

“I’m the main sponsor of the projects running in Bumula constituency,along the way i disagreed with MP Wamboka; he went on media and dismissed me as his wife,to which I gladly accepted she said.

She further noted that the project launched last year in February by MP Wamboka has costed her close to Ksh20 million and benefited over 9,000 girls and counting in Bumula. Ms. Muturi says that she started the menstrual cup initiative after realizing that Bumula is/ was recording high numbers of teenage underage pregnancies and involved her ex husband in the project in order to find a lasting solution.

Last Tuesday, she was scheduled to have two events in Bumula where her main sponsor from the United States of America (USA) was to attend with the intent of putting up a menstrual cup factory in order to support the same and inspect the progress of her initiatives,the night she arrived to bungoma she noticed goons following her to the hotel she was staying they harassed her in two ocassions and were also armed, they also stated that they would burn the car she was in,some of the goons behind this are well know to her as the MP’s bodyguards.

She says that the MP’s bodyguards have been trailing her movements,which forced her to postpone the two events due to the insecurity. According to Bumula Sub-County Hospital, it indicates a huge decline in the number of pregnancies and that more girls are going to the facilities to seek help due to sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), unlike before the introduction of the menstrual cup initiative.

She has come to the conclusion that the Member of Parliament is unhappy with her decision to withdraw both projects from being implemented by the area MP.

“It’s unfortunate that the MP is insensitive and wants to tie our strained relationship to the initiative, whose noble idea is to help and empower girls and society at large. I want to affirm to people in Bumula that I will continue doing this charitable work as it has nothing to do with our failed relationship,” she said.

In footage obtained from the hotel and which Nation has seen, the MP’s bodyguards are seen trying to block her vehicle one drawing a gun. She has since recorded threats allegation at Bungoma police station in an OB no. 71/02/07/2024.

She claimed that in one of the confrontations a group of about 20 men baying for her blood almost burned her car as she tried to drive off to the function, she rushed to the police and filed a police report.

“While seated, I saw my ex-husband’s bodyguard enter the hotel talking on the phone; he did not greet me despite being known to me. The following morning, my driver started receiving threats via phone from strange numbers informing him that he was on their radar and that they would torch the car once he drove to Bumula for the event,” she said.

Mr. Lucas Boniface, a health provider at Bumula Sub-County Hospital, says that the menstrual cup initiative has been of great importance to the people of Bumula, as the young generation has received information on how they can protect themselves from early pregnancy and GBV and more.

According to the officer, the program was designed in such a way that every day they visit three schools and train students on sex education and menstrual hygiene.All this is facilitated by our madam, single-handed every week she spends 55,000 to facilitate our visits and sometimes even feeds the students.

It’s an initiative that has made a significant contribution and impact to the community. It’s sad to watch Hon. Jack dismantle the project due to our personal differences “ she lamented”.

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