A Shocking Revelation: Pilot Mohamed Feisal Mughal Accused of Assaulting Estranged Wife

Mohamed Feisal Mughal

story highlights

  • Raising Awareness About Domestic Violence: The Case of Pilot Mohamed Feisal Mughal

  • Domestic Violence in Parklands: A Troubling Incident Involving Pilot Mohamed Feisal Mughal

  • Public Outrage Grows as Pilot Mohamed Feisal Mughal Faces Charges of Assaulting His Estranged Wife

  • Advocating for the Rights of Domestic Violence Victims: The Story of Mohamed Feisal Mughal’s Alleged Attack

A pilot who allegedly assaulted his estranged wife causing her bodily harm has been charged at a Kibera Court.

Mohamed Feisal Mughal was charged before Chief Magistrate Ann Mwangi where he denied the charges.

The court heard that the accused person allegedly assaulted Sharath Ismail Ibrahim contrary to the law.

The offence, the court,  heard was committed on May 14 at an Estate in Parklands within Nairobi County.

He was however denied bail after the detectives in conjunction with the prosecution told the court that he be detained pending the availing of the probation report in court.

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