Bakari Kisalu Maranda,Tanzanian National Faces Charges of Claiming Deceased’s Property

Bakari Kisalu Maranda

Bakari Kisalu Maranda, a Tanzanian national, found himself in the legal spotlight as he appeared before Magistrate Bernard Ochoi.

Maranda faces charges related to his alleged misrepresentation as an administrator of the estate of the late William Alfred Mulwa Mutilangi, a former Pepsi Director who passed away in New York the previous year.

Despite being adopted by the deceased, Bakari stands accused of unlawfully meddling with Mulwa’s property, specifically a residence within Nairobi’s Green Park estate.

It is alleged that Bakari, along with unidentified accomplices, occupied the property without the requisite authorization, thus infringing on the deceased’s estate.

Denying any wrongdoing, Bakari entered a plea of not guilty and was subsequently granted release on a cash bail of 100,000 shillings.

Presenting his case in court, Bakari is represented by legal counsel Brian Khaemba. However, tensions arise as Bakari asserts his claim as the rightful heir to Mulwa’s estate, which is estimated to be worth 500 million shillings, a contention disputed by Mulwa’s siblings.

As legal proceedings unfold, the intricacies of Bakari’s alleged involvement and his assertions of inheritance rights add layers of complexity to the ongoing legal saga.

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