Breaking News: Developer Accuses NACHU of Land Grabbing, Hundreds of Houses at Risk


If you were among those who purchased housing units through the National Cooperative Housing Union (Nachu) on Kangundo road, unfortunately, you have fallen victim to a scam and now face the imminent threat of your house being demolished.

Why? Why because a developer has issued tenants with an eviction notice and Nachu is playing games with the whole situation promising that it is handling the matter.

” We have been living in fear of being invaded at night and our houses demolished.The new owner claims that Nachu forged documents and acquired their land in a fraudulent way .More than 300 families are stressed but Nachu is not ready for a refund or convince us our investment is intact,” Purity Mwambie, one of the people who bought houses with Nachu told this publication

“We have been to media houses but after doing interviews nothing is aired and our grievances are not addressed,” Peter Mutai another investor added

People conversant with this development told this publication that Nachu was selling land that was not theirs after colliding with rogue land register and the land transferred under their name.

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