Breaking News: New Evidence Emerges in Kes 12B Scandal Investigation


Private  Security Companies and their associations  have expressed concerns about the issuance of Guard Force Number (GFN) by Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA), which could potentially lead to a multi-billion shilling scandal.

All employees in the private security sector, including guards, bouncers, consultants, close protection officers, and others, are required to attend training at institutions licensed by PSRA to obtain the  security ID called GFN.

There are between 1.2 million to 2 million employees in this sector, and the training costs between Kes 10,000 to Kes 12,000 Kes.

It leaves alot of unanswered questions regarding the high cost of this government ID, which could potentially cost all security more than Kes 12 billion. Additionally, it is unclear who the beneficial owners of the training institutions are.

There are concerns that a government institution is charging for such services, with the money being paid to a private security company. It is also worrying that guards are expected to pay for personal numbers, while NSSF and NHIF Numbers are never charged.

There are reports that PSRA CEO, Fazul Mohammed, has shares in several licensed security training schools via proxies and that he is allegedly pressuring security companies to get training from his security training schools, potentially making him one of the key beneficiaries.

So far, PSRA has not only  forced security bouncers from hospitality clubs, lounges and Security Bouncers Association to get training from the same  schools but has also reached out to Universities.

Even highly trained security directors and general managers are being forced to get training from these schools located in Eldoret, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Nairobi.

We are reading Mischief because Fazul Mohammed  is the only CEO or Director running a whole Government Institution without a fully constituted PSRA Board. He also continues to make serious National Private Security Industry decisions without any Industry Stakeholders Consultation and engagement.

It is equally worrying that neither the PS nor CS has spoken out against these unprofessional and unethical practices, and there have been reports of threats against anyone who dares to speak out as well as claims that he has full backing from the President and Chief of Staff.

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