Breaking News: Twitter Domain Redirects to ‘X’


Following a period of eager anticipation and a rather disorderly transition, the social network previously recognized as Twitter has now officially embraced as its main domain. When entering “” into your browser, you will be redirected to Elon Musk’s preferred domain. However, certain users may still encounter varying outcomes based on their browser and login status.

A message at the bottom of the X login page assures users that their privacy and data protection settings remain unchanged despite the URL shift. This move marks the culmination of a rebranding effort initiated by Musk, who envisions X as an “everything app” similar to China’s WeChat.

While many aspects of the platform, including its official account, mobile apps, and subscription service, transitioned to the “X” branding long ago, the lingering “” URLs have been a source of confusion and a vulnerability for phishing attacks.

The transition to is not without historical significance for Musk. He launched a financial services company under the name in 1999, which eventually merged to form PayPal

This latest iteration of X, however, is intended to encompass a broader range of services, including messaging, payments, and other functionalities beyond traditional social media.

The transition has been a source of amusement and frustration for users, with some pointing out the irony of the company’s original name returning to prominence. Whether X will ultimately succeed in its ambition to be an “everything app” remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the era of Twitter is officially over.

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