Businessman David Sosah on the spot for for faking accidents, accusing victims to Extort

businessman David Sosah

City businessman David Sosah is now among the extortionist team that has been terrorising residents if the current massive evidence against him and well-documented incidents involving him is something to go by.

According to some court papers in our possession, Sosah has been scandalising Kenyans he feels can fall for his demands and pay him some ransom which involves thousands if not millions of money.

His targets are mostly senior officers who are hard-working and have a reputation to maintain in society.

Former Magistrate Peter Ngatia Mureithi, who is a senior respected Consultant in Kenya, is the latest victim who has suffered in Mr. Sosa’s extortion plans.

Earlier in the month, Mureithi was almost arrested and harassed for a fake offence that Sosa had fabricated.

Sosa had reported to the police that Mureithi sped his car and tried to knock him down within Nairobi’s Woodley estate. The main objective of this fake report was to extort a substantial amount of money on the pretence of sorting the matter out of court.

Our investigations show that this has been Sosa’s modus operandi but his luck seems to have finally run out as he was arrested and charged for giving false information to the authorities.

According to the court papers filed at Kibera law courts, Mureithi escaped Sosa’s trick after availing the CCTV footage his car cameras captured to both the DPP and the police forcing Sosa to quickly withdraw the matter.

How Mureithi’s Problem began

The saga began as Mr Mureithi waited for his automatic gate to shut down and later drove off along Kinangop road.

“I then drove down Kinangop road which has two gates and after passing the upper gate I found a Nissan with a certain registration number but it had blocked the road despite my hooting. I alighted my car and the security came at the scene and the said car left,” the court documents read.

Mureithi then drove off past the car and tried to see who the driver was but Sosah hid his face.

“As he was passing by another gate within the area, he saw the legs of a person walking very fast, when the gate was open, I saw the person was well known to me, some people were passing hence I let him pass,” the court papers say.

Days later Mureithi received a call from two unknown individuals who asked why he wanted to run over Mr. Sosa with his prado. The news shocked him as he could clearly remember how the said situation unfolded.

“I told them it was not true and I also posted on the WhatsApp group committee of Woodley asking David why he said that I wanted to run over him with a vehicle and he replied that it was true that I sped towards him as he was crossing, we had some exchange and he insisted the same,” read the prosecution documents in part.

“He posted on our estate WhatsApp group telling people that I wanted to run over him and kill him, I told him it was not true, and we had some exchange of words but he insisted that it was me. I didn’t tell him that my car had some installed CCTV cameras,” Mureithi told the police.

After Sosah proceeded with his threats, he decided to report the matter at the Langata police station where the officers commenced their investigations.

“I went to Jamhuri police station where I was directed to the DCI crime unit and after recording my OB number, I was told that he already recorded the matter,” he said.

He added that they were later summoned to the police station where he submitted the said CCTV footage.

Sosah is now facing charges at Kibera law courts for giving information to police officers, that he knew was false. He was arraigned on Friday and was released on a cash bailiff Ksh 150,000 of an alternative bond of kSH 300,000

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