Exclusive: Jackson Mwangi & Eljah Macharia Arrested Trying to Bribe Cop at DCI Headquarters


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Sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested suspected land fraudsters in an attempted bribery incident.

The DCI said that the two suspects, Jackson Mwangi Wambui and Elijah Macharia, were arrested trying to compromise an investigating officer in a land case where they were accused of fraud.

“Mwangi and his accomplice Macharia, were arrested after showing up at the Land Fraud Investigations Unit (LFIU) offices to influence an investigating officer (IO) to go slow on a case in which they are accused of attempting to grab a 0.2026 hectares parcel of land at Thome V area,” the DCI stated.

Mwangi, according to the DCI, is part of a dreaded well-organized land-grabbing cartel that targets elderly white residents in posh Nairobi suburbs.

“In the daring bribery attempt to the country’s highest criminal investigations agency, all Jackson Mwangi sought from the investigator was a two-month delay in the ongoing investigations, within which he would have obtained a “fake original” documentation of the land. Unbeknownst to the suspects, their names have for years been on the Unit’s radar of the most notorious land fraudsters in the country,” the DCI added.

Mwangi is said to have been thrown out of the said land after another suspected land grabber laid claim to the land, but bolted out after the case gained momentum.

According to investigations by the DCI, the said land belonged to a deceased Kenyan whose wife and two children were being threatened by Mwangi’s ring, after they reported the matter at Kasarani Police Station.

Mwangi is said to be battling a similar case of grabbing involving a parcel of land in Runda.

Mwangi, who had seemingly lost interest in the land parcel, recently asked for a meeting with the investigating officer, who invited him to his office at the DCI headquarters.

“Once in the office, they pleaded with him to halt the investigation process as they had found a way of acquiring fake documents, but they needed January and February to wind up the process. “You can then take us to court any time in March. We will know how to handle it there,” they said,” DCI added.

Amount offered to DCI officer

DCI report that the suspect offered the officer Ksh200,000 looking to delay the case.

“For the favour, Macharia placed Sh200,000 on the table as a tip to the officer, all this time unaware that the office they had been ushered into had mounted cameras that recorded all the ongoings. DCI Operations detectives moved in and whisked them away with the exhibits for processing and arraignment,” the crime busters stated.

“Preliminary criminal analysis conducted by the DCI Online and Digital Platforms Unit reveals numerous cases of land fraud implicating Jackson’s cartel, including the attempted grabbing of Mr Richard Hooper’s Karen home in January 18, 2023 where he personated to be the Deputy OCS Karen Police Station. The case is pending at Ngong Law Courts. The same syndicate has also featured in land grabbing documentaries, including the Uncensored Africa documentary “Title Deals” where scores cry foul play after purchasing land parcels only to be fenced off by the such cartels as Jackson’s.”

The two were released on a Ksh200,000 cash bail even as the Director of Public Prosecutions perused their files to decide the next cause of action.

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