Exploring the Dark Side: The Haiti Propaganda Exposed

  • Beyond the Headlines: Understanding The Haiti Propaganda

The Haitian cannibal story has been an eye opening moment for me in regards to the way propaganda travels and who is responsible for distributing it.

The current narrative on X (and everywhere else) is that a man named Jimmy Cherizier aka Barbecue has taken over Haiti with his cannibal gang and the island nation has descended into chaos. Now Haitian cannibal gangs are making their way up to the US and are invading through the southern border.

The real story

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry was unelected and installed by the US and UN in Haiti.

Henry was an extension of US and globalist interests which meant more privation and suffering for Haitians.

This triggered somewhat of a revolution in Haiti and armed groups banded together to remove Henry from power- including Cherizier and his group.

Cherizier is a former police officer who started a group called the Revolutionary Forces of the G9 to protect Haitians from vicious gangs who rob, rape and murder, and are largely supported by elite members of Haitian society who are connected to the US and UN.

Cherizier’s group and the gangs agreed to a non-aggression pact and now most are working with Cherizier to remove Henry’s government from Haiti.

The US and UN arranged for Henry to travel to Kenya and brokered a deal for Kenya to provide death squads that would put down the resistance.

Cherizier and his groups have blocked off the airports to prevent Henry from returning, and I suspect prevent said death squads from entering the country.

The US is now circulating propaganda via social media to create a pretext for military intervention. The cannibal gang story is their creation. Cherizier and his group are not cannibals. It’s unclear who is in the cannibal videos and where they’re from. The man you’ve seen eating a charred human leg is not Cherizier.

The US and UN’s interest in Haiti is also unclear (strategic location? Sex trafficking?) but they are putting a lot of focus on Haiti and their propaganda effort to generate western support for intervention.

From what I know, the people in Haiti are largely in support of this revolution and want Henry, along with his globalist puppet masters, removed from their government.

Keep an eye on the big accounts you see sharing the Haitian gang propaganda. These people are either wittingly or unwittingly circulating a narrative constructed by the Biden administration, UN and American Military Industrial-Complex, and working on their behalf.

I learned a lot about sources I can and cannot trust through this story, and the list of sources sharing legitimate information grows smaller by the day. If they’ll lie about this, what else are they lying about? If they aren’t checking the validity of information they’re sharing, what else aren’t they looking into?

Nothing is what it seems, and as much as I hate to say it, these big news sources and podcasts that many rely on for information are proving western governments right in their argument for censorship and what they classify as misinformation and disinformation.

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