Exploring the Dark Underbelly of Kenyan Politics: Nashon Angudha ‘Kuja’ and His Fraudulent Empire

Nashon Otieno Angudha

Nashon Otieno Angudha, a 29-year-old man labeled as a serial fraudster by the police, also known as Kuja, has once more encountered legal issues, a pattern he has become associated with.

Angudha was on Thursday charged with defrauding Malaysian investor Surinder Singh Kanda in a fake gold scam valued Sh37.9 million.

The shady guy had pretended to the investor to be in a position to hire a private jet to transport 300 kilogram of gold to Dubai.

Otieno is accused that on diverse dates between 13th July and 18th October 2023 at Runda Glory valley estate jointly with others not before court obtained Sh 37,500,000 from Surinder Singh Kanda.

The court heard that Otieno obtained the millions by pretending that the money was meant to hire a private jet, payment of Insurance and taxes for 300kilograms of gold which was meant to transported from Kenya to Dubai a fact he knew to be false.

Prosecution told the Nairobi court Otieno allegedly conspired to steal USD250, 000 equivalent to Sh 37,500,000 from Kanda by falsely pretending that the money was to hire a private jet, pay insurance and taxes for 300kgs of gold which was to be transported from Kenya to Dubai.

Angudha who appeared before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe denied the charges.

After carrying out investigations, DCI detectives found that Otieno had given nine gold bars to a Malaysian national as collateral.

The gold bars were taken for testing at the Ministry of Mining, but to the Malaysian’s shock, none of them exhibited even a trace of gold.

“After parting with the money which was paid in US dollars ($250,000), nine gold bars given to the victim as collateral were subjected to a test at the Ministry of Mining, but none of them exhibited even a trace of gold element.” The DCI report reads.

When Otieno’s plan was discovered, he vanished into thin air, leaving the victim devasted.

He was left with no other option but to seek help from law enforcement since things were swiftly spiraling out of control.

Acting on intelligence, the Operation Support Unit (OSU) detectives conducted a stealth operation and managed to apprehend Otieno while in his KDM 523Q Toyota Prado at Crystal Spring Apartments in Lavington, Nairobi.

Police exhibit.

Other crimes blamed on Angudha

Angudha who trades as a businessman like many of his ilk is also implicated in a robbery with violence case at the Kibera court no. 5, for jointly with his two accomplices robbing a foreign couple over USD90,000 when they jetted the country for a gold business.

In the October 28, 2023 case, Nashon Otieno, Jack Ouma Okwiri and Felix Ochieng’ Nyongesa lured an Australian man and his Ugandan wife to an office setup in the Runda suburbs, before turning against the couple.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the suspects successfully lured the couple into the country from Uganda before orchestrating a meticulously planned robbery.

“A contact person who identified himself as ‘Raymond from England’ had, in the days leading up to the incident, connected the couple with Felix Ochieng Nyongesa, who portrayed himself as the seller,” the DCI stated.

Following several WhatsApp conversations, Ochieng instructed the couple to meet him at the Village Market in Gigiri, Nairobi on October 28, where the fraudulent transaction was supposed to take place.

Upon arrival at the designated meeting point, detectives revealed that Ochieng dispatched a driver to pick them up in a Toyota Prado, subsequently driving them to an office building along Glory Road in Runda. There, they encountered over 10 individuals waiting to execute the premeditated crime.

“Upon reaching their trap, the suspects rapidly transitioned from the initial VIP treatment to a violent assault that left the victims incapacitated. The male victim suffered severe beatings and strangulation, while his wife pleaded for their lives. Regrettably, she did not escape unscathed as the gang handcuffed and subjected her to physical abuse,” the DCI reported.

The man was beaten up and the wife sexually assaulted, before the gang robbed and dumped them at Rehema House in Nairobi CBD.

After days of relentless manhunt, the three were arrested at the Social House Nairobi Hotel in Lavington area and arraigned at Kibera Law Courts on November 9, 2023 charged with robbery with violence.

Police mugshot of Nashon.

They were released on a Sh1M bond with an alternative of Sh300,000 cash bail.

Nyakach constituency

Popularly known by locals as Kuja Biro Nyakwar Jamoko, the controversial businessman has laid a well oiled groundwork for Nyakach constituency ahead of 2027 elections. He has been making serious inroads and lived mostly by the youths given his deep pockets.

Mr. Angudha (second left) during ODM recruitment drive held in Nyakach Constituency recently as the party gears for grassroots elections.

He’s often seen campaigning in choppers and high end cars. The young man has been giving the incumbent and other hopefuls who can’t measure up to his finances a nightmare.

Kuja arrives at a political function. Photo/ Facebook.

Liz Foundation

Mr. Angudha runs Liz Foundation through which he’s offering scholarships and bursaries to students and which is also a shell for covering up his underworld affairs. The foundation also gives him a platform for his political career.

Knew. Angudha pictured with Ida Odinga, spouse of Raila, Kenya’s opposition leader.


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