EXPOSED; Catholic University On the Spot for employing women  beaters, forgery suspects as lecturers

Despite it being a well known university with a mantra on upholding Christian values, teachings and vision, Catholic University of East Africa has now emerged as a centre where suspects and criminals thrive well as lecturers if court cases and evidence in our possession is something to go by.

For instance, a woman who had been charged with forgery related cases at a Nairobi Court is now a well-respected lecturer at the University.

Mary Ndiba Njoki alias Elizabeth Randall had been previously charged with forgery related counts at the Kibera Law Court two years ago where the court found her guilty of the charges.

She had been charged with forging the Logbook that belonged to a city professor where she Later stole his motor vehicle contrary to the penal code.

“After hearing both the prosecution and the defense submission, I hereby found that the accused person Mary Ndiba Njoki guilty as charged,” Senior Principal Charles Mwaniki who oversaw the matter by then said.

However, strange things than fiction occurred ahead of her sentencing where the DPP withdrew the case on the ground that there was not enough evidence to proceed with the matter.

We are aware on how money exchanged hands between the accused person’s allies and some officers of the office of the DPP.

“We want some section of the law looked at to deny the DPP full rights to violate people’s rights, we are aware money exchanged hands and the constitution allowed some junior odpp officials to do what they did,” said City Lawyer Albert Omondi.

While testifying in court, the don claimed in court that he abandoned his palatial home in Nairobi five years ago suspecting his wife was plotting to kill him.

He said he had to run for his dear life after getting reliable information that his now estranged wife, Mary Njoki Ndiba, was planning to kill him so as to inherit his estate.

“I was reliably informed that my wife was planning to kill me so that she could take possession of my house in Kileleshwa, a car and two other plots in the outskirts of Nairobi. I abandoned our matrimonial home so as to save my life,” the professor stated.

Ms Njoki was accused of forging documents to transfer ownership of a car he had bought her before their marriage hit the rocks.

The don claimed he got the information from a sister- in –law.

“The accused had a conversation with my sister in-law, Mary Njonjo, and she told her that she had reached a point to exterminate me so that she can get possession of my property,” he said.

Despite Mary Ndiba Njoki alias Elizabeth Randall facing the above charges, Catholic University board warmly allowed her to continue being a lecturer to its students hence raising the integrity questions on the same.

She had also worked at the Methodist University also as a Lecturer.

Another senior Lecturer at the Catholic University who faced criminal charges and is still at the institution is one Mr. Samuel Nderitu Wakanyua

Mr. Wakanyua was accused of assaulting his colleague over draft examinations some years back and was charged at the Kibera Court after a judge dismissed an application seeking to stop his prosecution.

His arraignment in court came after Justice John Mativo, by then, ruled that Samuel Nderitu Wakanyua failed to show that his prosecution was unfair or that the DPP abused his powers by preferring charges against him.

Mr Wakanyua, was by then as the acting Dean of Students at Catholic University of Eastern Africa was accused of assaulting Prof Rosa Ko in October last year, after she raised concerns over examination drafts for political science. He currently holds a senior position at the University after ‘’passing the interview of being a court visitor’’ and now uses both his skills as a former suspects and his professional knowledge to lecture his students

Mr Wakanyua had told the court that the criminal charges before a Kibera court were a gross abuse of the criminal law process as they were brought with the ulterior motive of injuring his character and for the sole purpose of assisting Prof Ko become the dean.

But the prosecution said the complaint was lodged on October 30 after he assaulted his fellow lecturer. The prosecution said he was charged because there was sufficient evidence and not on any other considerations.

Prof. Ko said he attacked her after she informed him that she would not approve the draft examination questions unless her concerns were addressed.


She also stated that she questioned the manner in which the lecturers were hired since they did not meet the required qualifications and added that the instructors were her former students who had not completed their Masters’ programme.

And instead of resolving and addressing her concerns in an amicable manner, she said, he became confrontational and informed her that she had no authority to question him as he was in charge of the programme and could hire anyone.

And as she left the room, Mr Wakanyua became adamant and insisted that she had to sign and approve the examination drafts, and, in an attempt to stop her from walking out of the room, he grabbed her upper right arm, twisted and yanked it, injuring her right hand and shoulder. She reported the matter to the police.

In the ruling, Justice Mativo said applying the legal tests discussed to the facts and circumstances of the case, there is nothing to show that the prosecution is unfair or an abuse of court process or abuse of police powers or judicial process.

At the Kibera Court , the court found him guilty as charged by the prosecution but he was later aquitted in a controversial manner.

The above case studies are just but a tip of the iceberg on what we know about the rot at the Catholic University of East Africa and we shall be bringing you part two of our coverage soon after completing our deep investigations.

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