Doctor's sample

Doctor’s sample

Scientists say they can cut HIV out of cells by employing a revolutionary gene-editing tool called CRISPR. This technology, likened to molecular scissors, enables scientists to precisely cut out unwanted parts of DNA from infected cells.

The ultimate goal is to completely eliminate HIV from the body, which current medications cannot achieve. While existing treatments can control the virus, they cannot completely remove it.

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam presented their early findings at a recent medical conference. They emphasized that while their work is promising, it’s still in the early stages. They stress that it is not yet a cure for HIV.

Dr James Dixon from the University of Nottingham explains that more research is needed. This is to ensure this approach is safe and effective for treating HIV on a larger scale.

Although other scientists are also exploring the use of CRISPR against HIV, challenges remain. Dr Jonathan Stoye from the Francis Crick Institute warns that completely removing HIV from all cells in the body is extremely difficult.

Despite these challenges, the use of CRISPR technology brings hope for a future where HIV can be effectively treated or even eradicated.

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