From Tragedy to Triumph: How Mike Makarina Found Strength in the Face of Disability

Mike Makarina

Mike Mutembei Makarina, the wealthy entrepreneur from Vocal Meru, has shared his harrowing experience of surviving a life-threatening accident that resulted in his disability.

Makarina who is also a human rights and persons living with disability activist, is known for addressing social and political issues particularly in Mount Kenya.

Running a multibillion empire, the businessman never shy off from bragging about his wealth in social media as a motivation for his followers to work harder and not be held back by their shortcomings like his physical state.

He shared the story below about his journey.


The dawn of April 10th 2010 still remains fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday. This is the day I was involved in a grisly road accident which took away the life of my friend & his wife (May their souls continue resting in Peace).

This time I was addicted to alcohol & I couldn’t partake any activity especially driving without taking a number of bottles of Tusker. On this fateful day I was rushing my friends to prepare for work after their car got a mechanical issue.

I had to hurry up taking my bottles & even carry extra take away bottles kwa gari and the aftermath of drinking and driving costed lives of my two friends & left me in a wheelchair which I have eventually come to terms with and accepted the fact that God gave me another chance to live and be a testimony to the living.

The car he was involved in an accident in.

To a person who has gone through a near death experience, you know well that being able to live each day is nothing short of a miracle. Same case as someone on a wheelchair even when people creates jokes around my disability eti Makarina anatembea Usiku, I just ask God to forgive them since I accepted my situation & better.

Today am talking to you my friends, the increased road accidents in Kenya today is something that should worry everyone. Most of the accidents however we’ll not be told, are caused by careless driving out by drunk drivers.

If you’re drunk and you don’t have a driver, It costs nothing parking your vehicle, sleeping even in a lodging and wake up sober & continue with your journey. It’s cheaper than costing your life.

If you know you’re drunk, don’t assume that (nkishika steering nakuwanga sober) , nooo…pombe sio chai. It’s better putting your job at risk than risking your life and the lives of other people kama abiria kwa matatu.Kazi unaweza tafuta ingine lakini maisha Haina reversal.

Makarina exercising during his recovery.

To our young people wale wa sharehe, please avoid alcohol ukiwa na gari. Don’t drive for long distances without taking a rest. Don’t drive with total drunkards in your vehicle even if you’re sober, they might distract you and cause accidents especially women and drama while drunk.

To PSV & long distance drivers, rest is important. Pumzika, avoid alcohol. Don’t strain to overwork alalfu ulale ukiwa unaendesha gari and cause accidents. If it’s a must ukunywe, kunywa pombe baada ya kazi upumzike kesho uamke ukiwa sober.

And having experience God’s saving experience, God giving me another chance to live, I must utilize it to give hope, inspire.


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