Investigating the Link Between Political Power and Dubious Contracts in Garissa

Governor Nathif Jama

Corruption is festering in Garissa County under the leadership of Governor Nathif Jama, whose re-election appears to be a strategic ploy to perpetuate his agenda of siphoning county resources.

Governor Jama stands accused of orchestrating the placement of his immediate family members into pivotal positions within the county administration by flagrantly disregarding public service appointment regulations.

This blatant nepotism has resulted in the exclusion of competent, deserving professionals and greatly undermined the county’s administrative integrity.

With no substantive chief officers in Garissa County, it is unclear how financial management is conducted.

There is a massive deliberate obfuscation and misuse of funds​ which suggests a well-entrenched system of graft that operates with impunity under Governor Jama’s watch​.

His administration is also criticized for not settling debts with the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) opting instead to procure pharmaceuticals from costlier, alternative suppliers.

These suppliers are reportedly linked to Governor Jama’s associates.

A clear conflict of interest and corruption.

By choosing more expensive suppliers connected to his associates, Governor Jama’s administration has not only increased costs but also compromised the quality and reliability of medical supplies.

This shift from Kemsa to these dubious suppliers appears to be a calculated move to avoid accountability and debt settlement and ultimately enrich a select few at the expense of the county’s healthcare system.

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