Justice for DJ Joe Mfalme: A Call to Action for the Public and Authorities

DJ Joe Mfalme

Joseph Mwenda, also known as DJ Joe Mfalme, has become entangled in a situation involving the unfortunate demise of Felix Kiliani Kilosi, the Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations in Kabete.

On Friday, the DJ, along with his crew and three traffic police officers, Corporal Khadija Abdi Wako, Constable Sammy Rotich Cherono, and Constable Agnes Kerubo Mugo, were apprehended due to their alleged involvement in a confrontation that resulted in the officer’s untimely passing.

The seven are currently being held at Muthangari police station where they have since recorded their statements.l awaiting arraignment on Monday.

The officer was reported dead on Friday evening by his brother Reinhard Kitosi who told DCI Detectives based at Dagoretti that he succumbed while undergoing treatment at Nairobi West Hospital.

“Preliminary investigations reveal that he was assaulted by known persons after an altercation over the non-injury road traffic accident,” the OB report stated.

According to him, the brother had been involved in a non-injury traffic accident within Kikuyu market near Kikuyu police station on March 16 at about 4 am after which he complained of abdominal pains and sought treatment in Lang’ata before he was referred to Nairobi West Hospital.

What happened

Troubles started for the DJ on March 15, 2025 at Club Texas in Kiambu County where he had hosted a show.

According to a police report filed at Riruta police station on March 23, 2024, the DJ and his crew left the club around 3 am on Saturday.

According to reports, Kitosi while leaving the parking lot while in the company of a female passenger, accidentally scratched Joe’s car, it is then than an altercation erupted.

The slain officer Felix Kiliani Kilosi.

DJ Joe then called the Texas Club security for help, and the emergency call was routed to Kikuyu police station, where officers were dispatched to the scene. It is in the parking lot where it is claimed that the DJ and his company severely assaulted the officer before the police arrived.

The officers, are reported to have sided with the DJ, arrested the senior officer (who by then had not identified himself as a cop) and took him to Kikuyu police station where he was released without being booked after they realized that they had not only arrested a fellow officer but a senior ranked detective.

The family has claimed to the media that Kitosi was allegedly assaulted by police officers while in custody and couldn’t pass urine.

His health deteriorated and he was rushed to Lang’ata Hospital before being transferred to Nairobi West Hospital where he died last Thursday.

A report from the hospital said the deceased had complained of severe abdominal pain from the alleged assault and was unable to urinate for about four hours.

It was then that doctors performed a catheterisation – a procedure in which a tube is inserted into the urethra to help urine pass.

Following the detective’s death, the police rounded up the DJ and his crew consisting of a Master of Ceremony, a bouncer, driver and a photographer together with the three police officers who responded to the accident scene.

All seven are now being held at Muthangari Police Station awaiting arraignment in court on Monday, March 25 2024.

Disputed autopsy reports

An autopsy was conducted on Saturday by the government pathologist Peter Ndegwa and it was found that the deceased had died of pancreatic problems.

However, the family disputed the results and requested for a second autopsy to be conducted by independent pathologists to ascertain the cause as they believe the officer died of complications from the assault.

Meanwhile, the DJ through his team has released a statement seen by Kenya Insights saying he is fully innocent and confident of the truth coming out, “DJ Joe Mfalme and his team have been in close collaboration with the investigative agencies since the occurrence of the incident, fully committed to participating in the investigative procedure and will continue to extend their cooperation as may be required.” Reads the statement.

“We place our trust in God Almighty in particular and the authorities in general to conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation aimed at uncovering the truth.”

Who is DJ Joe Mfalme

Born Joseph Mwenda in 9th of December 1987, DJ Joe Mfalme is one of the top ranked DJs in the country.

interest in spinning began in his teens, inspired by the likes of DJ Pinye. His breakthrough came in 2008 when he entered the Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition and came second.

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