Breaking News: Kenya Airways Employees Detained in DRC Amid Suspected Gold Smuggling and Cash for Rebels


The case involving the detention of two Kenya Airways (KQ) employees since February 19, 2024, by the Congolese Military Intelligence Unit Militaire des Activities Anti Patrie (DEMIAP) has been assigned to a multiagency team comprising detectives from the DCI Transnational Organised Crime and Interpol.

In a situation that is now fueling tensions between Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who already have a strained relationship, Kenya Insights has learned of unspecified amount of gold that is suspected to have been smuggled from the mineral rich country and cash going to reveal a lightly kept secret in the fiasco.

The airline’s employees were detained for allegedly failing to complete customs documentation for the valuable cargo. Despite a military court’s order for their release, they remain in custody, complicating the situation further.

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