Kenya’s decision to hold off on the Haiti mission following PM Henry’s resignation raises eyebrows

  • The aftermath of PM Henry’s resignation: Kenya delays Haiti mission

Kenya announced a delay Tuesday in its plans to deploy a 1,000-strong police force to Haiti following the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The decision comes as a result of the altered political landscape in Haiti, with Kenya’s Foreign Minister Korir Sing’oei citing the absence of a counterpart to engage with regarding the mission.

Kenya would “wait until Haiti’s constitutional framework finds its footing again, before making any more moves,” said Korir.

The absence of a clear leadership structure in Haiti complicates matters, as the mission’s effectiveness relies on collaboration with a functioning government, according to Kenya.

Without a stable government to coordinate efforts with, the viability and effectiveness of the proposed mission have come into question.

The initial plan involved sending a significant contingent of police personnel to support peacekeeping and stability efforts in Haiti.

The US has pledged $100 million in funding for the UN-led mission if approved by the American Congress. Several other countries, including Canada, Jamaica and Senegal, have expressed their support for the initiative.

Haiti has been struggling with gang violence and political instability for years. The situation has worsened in recent months, with kidnappings, killings, armed robberies and other violent crimes becoming commonplace.

The Haitian government has requested international assistance to help restore order and security.

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