Lawyer Danstan Omari confirms Echesa is admitted at a City Hospital

Lawyer Danstan Omari

City Lawyer Danstan Omari has confirmed to that his client is currently admitted at a city hospital after his health worsened.

Omari said that they awaits the medics report and the option of granting him a police cash bail too was in the table.

Omari said that Echesa had bled profusely as a result of a surgery wound operated on a week before his arrest.

The outspoken lawyer further added that Echesa was meant to attend a doctor’s appointment on Friday, for a check-up and aid on the surgery wound, which was yet to heal.

” The police completely refused to release him to seek medication on Friday as it was supposed to be,” said Omari.

He added, “We went with a letter from Karen hospital where he had undergone surgery and was to be brought here for review and the police could not release him on bail,” Noted Lawyer Danstan Omari.

He said that Echesa’s health became complicated early today forcing the pilice to allow him seek medications.

“Today in the morning it became so bad, that he had to be rushed here at Karen police station. He was bleeding profusely from the wound.” said Omari.

Echesa is currently receiving treatment, awaiting a report from the doctor’s assessment to determine his condition, which might call for re-admission at the hospital.

“We are waiting to hear what the doctor says, then we will be able to know if he can be released on cash bail or re-admitted, whatever the doctor’s prescription will be,” Omari added.

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