Rift Valley Politician Elizabeth Sote Chesang Sentenced to Prison Over Ksh26B Fraud: A Closer Look

Elizabeth Chesang
  • Exploring the Impact of Elizabeth Sote Chesang’s Fraud on the Rift Valley’s Political Landscape

  • Uncovering the Deep-Rooted Corruption: Elizabeth Sote Chesang’s Scandal Shakes the Rift Valley

  • Elizabeth Sote Chesang: From Political Prominence to Prison for Ksh26B Fraud

Elizabeth Sote Chesang, a previous Kabartonjo Ward Councillor, became embroiled in a complicated legal dispute at the Milimani law courts in Nairobi.

She stands accused of forging a title deed related to a staggering Sh26.5 billion land owned by Joshua Kulei, a prominent figure and former aide to the late President Daniel arap Moi.

The case against Chesang revolves around allegations of irregularly sub-dividing and selling a substantial city farm, an action that has drawn serious legal scrutiny.

Milimani law courts chief magistrate Lucas Onyina ordered Chesang’s detention at the Lang’ata Women Prison in Nairobi. This decision was based on concerns about the gravity of the charges and the need for a thorough investigation.

Chesang’s detention stems from accusations of defrauding businessman Kiptoo arap Chepkalum over Sh6.5 million. Despite being out on a Sh100,000 police bond, Chesang faced the prospect of remaining in custody pending investigations into both the land fraud allegations and her health condition.

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Chesang’s defense team argued for her release on bond, citing serious health challenges that required specific medical attention. However, state prosecutor Anderson Gikunda opposed this, emphasizing the need to verify the authenticity of Chesang’s medical records and delve deeper into her health claims.

The magistrate’s decision to uphold Chesang’s detention for further investigation underscores the complexity of the case.

The involvement of multiple government hospitals in verifying Chesang’s health records and the allegations of forging important documents highlight the legal intricacies surrounding land fraud cases in Kenya.

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