Secret Instagram conversations between Rita and her killer discovered

Rita Waeni

A recent report by TV47 has uncovered unresolved issues in the investigation. The family disclosed details about Rita’s ex-boyfriend, who not only had an obsession with her but also resorted to stalking and making violent threats against her.

From the interview, it remains unclear whether the investigators have questioned the boyfriend who’s conduct now puts him as a person of interest in the murder that shocked the nation.

According to the parents, Rita had a friend who studies at Strathmore University. In July 2023, this friend (identity hidden for legal reasons) invited Rita to her place within Nairobi West near Magharibi Place.

When Rita arrived at the meeting point, the friend requested her to wait in the same vicinity within her rented hostel, where the meeting was to happen. In a short while as Rita stayed put, a stranger appeared from nowhere. The man identified himself to Rita as one Carlton Maina. The conversation was very brief. He then requested to have Rita’s Instagram account to make a follow up communication, and he was granted.

Mesmerized by the encounter, the two took their conversation online and from their is where the friendship and trust blossomed.

For Rita, it was the thrill of getting to know someone new, and for the killer, the bait had been swallowed and he was only buying time before making a prowl.

It was until after the burial that the friend came out to confess to the parents of how the two had met and that she was being haunted by nightmares.

Rita Waeni’s father holding her portrait. Photo/TV47

The parents feel that Rita’s friend and ex boyfriend are persons of interest and that the investigations shouldn’t leave out any angle.

Red flags

Her parents, speaking on TV47, revealed there were red flags that their daughter appeared to ignore regarding the suspected murderer.

Rita Waeni’s mother recalled the last conversation they had on the last day she was seen alive. This was hours before her meetup with the suspect.

“The person was called Carlton Maina but I did not know which platform they were communicating on. Her aunt notified me around 3pm that Rita had left the house and I called her.

“We talked and she told me there was a friend who was leaving the country. They were going to have an early dinner at TRM Mall. From there we never talked again,” she narrated.

CCTV footage from their Syokimau home showed Waeni leaving at around 3:30pm donning a white trouser, black boots, blue jacket and small black bag.

Rita seen leaving their home.

Rita seen leaving their home and that was the last time she was seen alive.

On that day, Rita and her mother had a heart to heart conversation, where they talked about Carlton.

“On that fateful I even asked her when I would get to know this Carlton. She was very precise to tell me ‘mum eventually you will come to know this person’. There was nothing much happening between them so there was need for her to introduce the person to me.”

Rita Waeni’s mother however disclosed that there were red flags in their emerging telephone conversations, that her daughter seemingly ignored.

“My daughter was saying matatu inaenda polepole and he says wewe msichana unanichezea She also said ‘it is raining maybe we should not meet’ he responded saying ‘it will stop raining’,” the distraught mother added.

Screenshots of their conversation with ‘Carlton Maina’

Screenshots of their conversation with ‘Carlton Maina’

CCTV footage along TRM drive captured Waeni and her suspected killer walking together, perhaps to the short-stay apartment booked by the man donning a white cap and sunglasses.

The late student’s mother noted that based on their conversations, the suspect did not express any intimacy interests with her, but it appears that Rita had already trusted him.

Part of their conversation.

After committing the heinous act, the killer changed the user name on Instagram perhaps to conceal his tracks. He switched from Carlton Maina to eusrandder before eventually deactivating the account as investigators fastened their trail.

Skilled killer

Forensic analysis conducted by government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor revealed the lady was murdered through strangulation just before midnight, before her body was dismembered.

Dr. Oduor expressed shock over the extreme cruelty inflicted on the body of Rita following a postmortem examination.

Photo of a man believed to be the killer of Rita Waeni captured on a CCTV footage.

Photo of a man believed to be the killer of Rita Waeni captured on a CCTV footage.

Oduor, in an address on Friday, January 19, described the chilling status of the body of the murdered 20-year-old as the most shocking analysis he has done over time.

The pathologist revealed that the body had been dismembered with the head and legs being apart from the body.

“In my forensic life I have never come across such an incident,” Oduor told journalists in Nairobi.

“Upon examining the body, I found that it was a young girl who had her body dismembered from the neck; the head was missing. There was also dismemberment of the body and both legs whereby someone cut the head of the femur so that the leg was apart from the trunk,” he continued.

The pathologist implied that the perpetrator might have calculated his plans very well before committing the heinous act.

“The killer looked like he knew what he was doing because when you look at the skin, it looks like it was cut with a sharp object but the bone was sawed off with what looked like a hacksaw,” he explained.

The killer also clipped her nails to hide traces of DNA.

Killer still on the loose

In what looks like a well planned murder and escape plan, some of the initial suspects have been released including two foreigners but the police are yet to make the arrest of the main suspect.


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