Body Exhumation In Progress

Body Exhumation In Progress

A grave error in body identification led to the exhumation of a wrongly buried body in Nkondi, Matakiri-Nkondi Ward after a mix-up in the mortuary in Mombasa when a family from Kiorimba buried a body, mistakenly assuming it belonged to their kin due to similarities in names with another family from Ikanga in Kitui County.

The Kitui family promptly arranged for the exhumation of the body and its transportation to Kitui for the correct burial upon discovery.

The exhumed body was temporarily preserved at Marimanti Level 4 Hospital mortuary before being transported to its rightful destination for burial proceedings scheduled for today.

The Nkondi family, whose loved one was mistakenly buried by the Kitui family, has since buried their rightful family member after the correct body was identified and brought alongside the exhumed one from Kitui, allowing both families to conduct the appropriate burial ceremonies for their respective loved ones.

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