Stop your rogue delaying tactics, Court Warns Fraudster Paul Okombo

Suspected city Fraudster Paul Odol Okombo who is accused of impersonating a senior Kenha officials was today cornered by a Kibera court after he tried to implement his delaying tactics in his criminal proceedings.

” I have with me some documents from my lawyer who requested that the matter be adjourned for him to attend to his sickly child,” he told Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Monica Maroro.

In a quick rejoinder and objection, the complainant’s advocate in conjunction with the prosecution downplayed his pleas and told the court that he was on his normal mission of trying to delay the case.

” The accused person is on his normal mission of implementing some delaying tactics in his criminal proceedings, the previous day he was sick, today his lawyer has an issue, we reject his tactics,” the complainant’s lawyer told the court.

The magistrates went through the proceedings from day one and warned Mr. Okombo not to continue with his tricks.

” Even a warrant of arrest was issued by this court from day one after you failed to turn up. This case must proceed today, and if not let it be known to you that in the next session the case will proceed with or without your counsel,” Hon.Maroro told him.

The prosecution requested the court to grant him another date and promised to seal all the loopholes that he intended to use in future to defeat justice.

According to the chargesheet tabled in court, the accused person, Mr. Odol Okombo Paul defrauded a businesswoman Sh 2.5M on September 27,2023 at Palacina Hotel in Kilimani within Nairobi County after lying to her that he was in a position to help her land a road construction tender.

He failed to deliver the tender to her even after defrauding her the said amount on the ground that he knew to be false.

He denied the charges and was released on bond.

Today the trial magistrate directed that the case proceeds on June 11 for a full hearing without fail

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