The Fallout of the Peter Gitaa Koria Corruption Scandal: What’s Next for Bomas of Kenya?

Peter Gitaa Koria

Peter Gitaa Koria, the CEO of Bomas of Kenya, was brought before Chief Magistrate Thomas Nzyuki at the Milimani Anti-corruption court on Monday. He is facing charges of procurement irregularities totaling KSh8,587,831.

He was charged with 7 counts of corruption offences where he allegedly failed to comply with the procurement laws contrary to section 45(2)(b) as read with section 48 of the Anti-corruption and Economics Crimes Act.

Peter Gitaa allegedly split tenders, leading to irregular awards to suppliers, which needed to be factored in the Bomas of Kenya Budget and procurement plan FY 2020-2021.

The Magistrate directed the accused to submit his travel documents before the court and not interfere with witnesses involved in the matter.

The accused denied all charges and has been released on a bond of Ksh. 5 million and 1 surety of a similar amount or an alternative cash bail of Ksh 1 Million.

Pretrial has been scheduled for May 9, 2024.

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