The Legal Consequences of Financial Fraud: What Stephen Njoroge Mbugua May Face

Stephen Njoroge Mbugua

A state witness has revealed damning evidence against Stephen Njoroge Mbugua, the accused in a high-profile fraud case involving over Ksh16 million. Chief Inspector Benjamin Chelanga, from the DCI headquarters, presented compelling bank documents indicating the accused’s financial activities following the receipt of the substantial amount.

The witness testified that Mbugua, a real estate agent, deceived Joseph Gitau, a New York-based auditor, into believing he could purchase land in Nairobi’s Karen area.

Despite Mbugua’s claim of contracting chickenpox after receiving the funds from Gitau, evidence suggests he conducted multiple transactions post-receipt.

Bank statements meticulously outlined by Inspector Chelanga depicted a series of deposits and withdrawals associated with Mbugua’s account. This presentation elucidated the financial trail leading to Mbugua’s alleged misappropriation of funds.

Gitau, represented by his lawyer Robert Asembo, emphasized the urgency of legal recourse, stating it had been over four years since he paid for non-existent land. However, Mbugua adamantly refuted the allegations, maintaining his innocence regarding the purported land deal.

Testifying further, Gitau recounted wiring the funds to Mbugua’s account at Equity Bank Karen Branch, seeking confirmation of receipt. Despite confirmation after a brief delay, Mbugua’s subsequent disappearance and alleged medical treatment in the Philippines raised suspicions.

The court also learned of Gitau’s visit to Nairobi in 2017 to view the property advertised by Mbugua. However, investigations revealed discrepancies in Mbugua’s claims, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the purported land sale.

In a crucial development, Inspector Chelanga presented a sale agreement between Gitau and Mbugua, adding weight to the prosecution’s case.

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