The Phenomenon of Liver King: A Deep Dive into his Life and Career

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson, also known as the “Liver King,” is a renowned American social media influencer, YouTuber, and bodybuilder who has gained popularity through his strong medical expertise and entrepreneurial success.

With a deep understanding of medicine, Brian has leveraged his knowledge to establish a thriving business

Nicknamed the “Liver King,” Brian’s passion for consuming animal liver has propelled him to fame, especially after a viral TikTok video showcasing his consumption of raw meat.

This video made people curious about his life and money. Many are impressed to learn that his wife is also in the medical field and fully supports his online activities.

He makes and sells natural dietary supplements. You can find out about Liver King’s net worth and fancy lifestyle below.Liver King's net

What is Liver King’s net worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Liver King’s net worth is reportedly $310 million. He made his money by promoting an ancestral lifestyle, which involves eating raw organ meats and doing intense workouts.

King gained a big following on TikTok and YouTube. He also earns money from his companies that sell dietary supplements and from his real estate investments.

Liver King promotes and sells these supplements on social media. Additionally, he works as a fitness and health coach and advertises nutritional products from other companies online.

How Liver King Made Money Before Fame

Before becoming famous, Liver King made money through various jobs from a young age. At 10, he sold the San Antonio Light newspaper door-to-door in the hot Texas summer.

At 12, he offered free lawn services because no one would hire him due to his age and lack of experience. He mowed, edged, and trimmed lawns when homeowners were away and left a note.

After high school, he applied for a job at West Telemarketing but struggled with typing.

Determined, he quickly learned to type, got the job, and sold Sports Illustrated and Terminix services, earning three times the minimum wage while attending John Marshall High School in Leon Valley.

Right after college, he earned $120,000. He briefly attended Texas Tech University but soon moved into pharmaceutical sales, earning over $100,000.

He then moved to medical device sales, making over $200,000.

Realizing his unique skills, he started his own business in his mid-twenties, leading to great financial success and eventually to his rise in fame.

Sources of Income

Liver King makes most of his money through social media and his dietary supplement business.  As a top social media influencer, he shares his diet and workout routines, attracting a large audience.

His main income comes from his Ancestral Supplements brand, which makes supplements and protein powders.

Before becoming a social media star, Brian Johnson studied biochemistry and went to medical school but dropped out to work as a pharmacist.

He also owned a private dental clinic before focusing on the dietary supplement industry.

For over twenty years, he has promoted traditional diets and lifestyles as a primal-certified health coach.

Liver King’s Net Worth and Earnings

He makes about $1 million each month and around $12 million each year from promoting products on social media and his dietary supplements.

His Liver King Supplements has twelve more companies set to launch, including one aimed at gamers. His other companies include Heart and Soil, The Fittest, and Medicine Man Plant Company.

Heart and Soil, a weight loss supplement company, makes about $5 million in revenue. The Fittest, a strength supplement company, makes less than $5 million.

Medicine Man Plant Company, a mushroom-based supplement business co-founded with Mark Vorderbruggen, earned about $1 million in its first year.

House and Real Estate

He owns a 500-acre ranch in Austin, Texas, with pasture and forest for his cattle. Brian also has five luxury cars and an 8,300-square-foot Spanish-style mansion in Austin worth about $7 million.

He bought his first commercial property for $2.7 million, spent another $2 million to develop it, and started leasing it for $50,000 a month.

He officially became a millionaire through property deals and real estate in 2009.

Is Liver King’s Wife and Children

He met his wife, Barbara (also known as the Liver Queen), in 2004. She is a dentist.

They opened a private dental clinic but later closed it to focus on Johnson’s fitness businesses and ancestral supplements.

According to Liver King, he and his wife were very successful in their business efforts. Barbara and Brian have two sons, Rad and Stryker.

Brian found out that his sons had nutrient deficiencies because they often got sick and had allergies growing up.

He improved their health by feeding them grass-fed organic meat and other natural foods.

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