Donor Beware: Unmasking the Fraudulent Kenyan Organizations Manipulating Your Generosity

Noah Nasiali Kadima

A Kenyan national has been accused of deceiving donor organizations and other institutions in the name of community development, according to an anonymous source who has recently come forward with information.

The source identified the suspect as Noah Nasiali Kadima, who reportedly operates a Community-Based Organization (CBO) known as Afarmers.

According to the source, Kadima has been receiving funds from organizations such as UNIDO, UK TECH HUB, and Wild Aid for various projects but misuses the funds for his personal gain, along with his wife, Mary Muthama.

The source claims that Kadima has a history of deceiving donors by promising community development projects but failing to complete them.

He is accused of using the funds for his personal gain, including paying for his children’s education in an international school.

The source further alleges that Kadima does not pay his employees.

In the latest wave of complaints, a section of workers have reportedly gone five months without receiving any pay.

The source claims that Kadima allegedly uses his employees to write fake reports, which he then submits to donor organizations to show progress on the projects for which he has received funding.

Questions have been raised why Kadima, who boasts of millions in online winnings and wads of cash from donor organizations, still lives in a rented house.

The source alleges that Kadima’s priorities are misplaced.

In Kajiado, where he is reportedly building a training center, more than 20 of his casual laborers who are working on a farm have gone unpaid for months.

The source alleges that the training center is part of Kadima’s latest plan to swindle unsuspecting members of the public.

The allegations against Kadima are serious and warrant further investigation.

Donor organizations and other institutions must exercise due diligence in vetting community development projects and CBOs to prevent such fraudulent activities.

We shall closely follow this story and publish subsequent developments.


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