The Viral Story: Oparanya’s Secret Relationship Exposed Online


Former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya, 60, has had his secret spilled over online by his 30-year-old girlfriend Mary Biketi.

Oparanya who’s openly polygamist and married to two, is seen in cosy photos leaked by the lady in question and the couple appear to be love struck.

Oparanya and his wives at a past event.

Similar scandals is not new to men from the Luhya community who pride themselves on having multiple partners and this will pass as normal.

Other sources claim that they’ve been seeing each other for long and presumed married as he has bought her a house in Nairobi where they spend most of their time together.

COTU boss Francis Atwoli also one of Oparanya’s peers is in the same line and married a younger Mary Kilobi.

Former UNCTAD Mukhisa Kituyi who also hails from the western region found himself in a similar situation as his peer though for him, it was extreme. Mukhisa was filmed by his girlfriend while naked at her house where the couple were having a good time. The video leaked when Mukhisa had just started his presidential campaigns for 2022.

Oparanya is currently faced with corruption allegations and likely to be charged just like Mukhisa who also battled corruption allegations in his stint at UNCTAD.

Photos of Oparanya and the girlfriend 



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