TikTok Takes Action by Partnering with African Union to Address Data Safety


The African Union (AU) and TikTok, the premier platform for concise mobile videos, are thrilled to introduce the #SaferTogether Initiative.

This initiative empowers African youth with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital world safely.

Launched at the recent TikTok Safer Internet Summit in Ghana, the campaign targets not just young people, but also parents and educators.

Ms. Prudence Nonkululeko Ngwenya, Director of the Women, Gender, and Youth Directorate, lauded the partnership as a vital step towards empowering Africa’s youth and safeguarding their digital futures.

“The #SaferTogether campaign is in line with the AU’s ongoing efforts to promote and advocate for not only safe online experiences for young people in Africa, but also their mental well-being through the 1 Million Next Level Initiative.

While access to internet can help children and young people stay connected, improve their digital literacy, and diversify their livelihoods, it is crucial that they are provided with a safe environment to reap the benefits of digital platforms”, she stated.

This partnership, leveraging both in-app strategies and on-the-ground initiatives, seeks to inform and empower communities about digital safety, aligning with the AUC’s priority on child safety online and the Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa.

The campaign includes a wide array of in-app activities, such as educational video content, hashtag challenges, endorsements by content creators, and notifications. Furthermore, the joint initiative will provide “Digital Safety Toolkits” to support educators and guardians in tackling key digital safety topics, available through a dedicated microsite on TikTok, offering an engaging guide for fostering safer online behaviors.

Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda, Government Relations & Public Policy Director, TikTok, Sub-Saharan Africa, highlighted this collaboration’s strategic nature: “Our partnership with the AU Women, Gender, and Youth Directorate reinforces TikTok’s deep commitment to the diverse tapestry of markets across Africa.

“Through initiatives like our ambassador program, educational workshops, and the development of comprehensive safety toolkits, we are committed to nurturing a digitally safe environment for all.”

Together, the AU and TikTok are committed to creating a more inclusive and safer digital space for Africa’s youth.

This partnership will empower young people with the tools and confidence to navigate the online world with wisdom and safety.

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