Unveiling the Finsco Africa Scandal: A Deep Dive into the Rogue Real Estate Company

Finsco Africa
  • Finsco Africa’s Betrayal: A Story of Broken Promises and Stolen Dreams

Recent reports from credible sources have shed light on the alarming situation surrounding the infamous Kiambu land-buying/selling company, Fiasco Limited.

The company’s questionable dealings have raised red flags, prompting warnings for Kenyans to steer clear of any business or transactions involving this entity to avoid falling victim to potential scams and deceit.

According to massive evidences and Documents that our reporters  are in  possession.

Dangerous  philanthropic company owned by Mr. Mwaura and certain  permanent secretary in the Ruto administration, has lately been selling some non-existence  lands in the ongoing muranga plots, LR number 10875 owned by Hatwara estate limited, this can easily be ascertained even in a court of law.

The most scaring  event  is that the land selling company has been defrauding  customers  where they pay for plots but can’t access them as most of these lands are still not ready for subdivision.

In a case study in  Muranga land, the owner had a loan with CFC bank of around 365 million shillings which is yet to be cleared for the bank to release the title deeds and hence the reason Mr. Mwaura had to fake a land search with the help of a muranga CEC,Mr. Paul Mugo who previously worked for finsco limited, for the change of use.

Alot of accusations  have been sent to the DCI offices along kiambu road for investigations with reports indicating finsco limited ownership has bribed it’s way around the office and no arrests have been effected so far.

Now Kenyans want the Ruto led regime to act and stop the mess so us not to take us back to the Gakuyo scandals.

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