Witchcraft: Behind the Scenes of Governor Barasa’s Alleged Extortion Ordeal

Governor Barasa
  • From Power to Powerless: Governor Barasa’s Battle with Witchcraft and Alleged Extortion

Governor Fernandes Barasa of Kakamega may have inadvertently exacerbated his troubles while attempting to distance himself from witchcraft accusations that have tarnished his reputation. The situation has evolved into a blackmail and extortion scandal, with former sports CS Rashid Echesa being arrested. This has raised serious questions about the extent of Barasa’s wrongdoing to justify the large sum he alleges was extorted from him, as well as the source of the cash he claims to possess.

Echesa was arrested on Thursday and held at Muthaiga Police Station for police custody for alleged extortion extortion targeting Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa, cybercrime bullying, and stage-managing an abduction.

Echesa was on Saturday, March 30, admitted to a Karen Hospital following a deterioration in his health.

According to his lawyers Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta, Echesa had undergone surgery at the same hospital a week before his arrest and was due for a review on the day he was arrested.

However, the police refused his request for a review and detained him, leading to complications with his wound.

“Echesa told the police that he was supposed to come back for the review, but the police refused and locked him in. As a result, the wound has become septic,” Omari explained.

It took the intervention of seniors in the government to allow for his release to the hospital.

Big Questions

In a situation of the hunter being the hunted, lawyer Cliff Ombeta is now questioning the authenticity of Barasa’s claims that he was extorted Sh240 million.

Ombeta questions the depth of dirty affair the governor had indulged in warrant such an amount of money, “what had Barasa done that was so crucial, so bad, so negative that he had to get Sh240M to coverup? What was he hiding?” Mr Ombeta posed while speaking to the media.

He goes further to poke holes into the claim saying it’s unrealistic that the governor was extorted the quoted amount and on giving it the benefit of doubt, questions the source of the money.

“Sh240 million is 240 bundles of Sh1 million each, how do you carry that, does it have a paper trail, where did you get it from, can you be able to prove it? If you can’t then you have no case,” Ombeta added.

The lawyer went ahead and said Kakamega residents should go back for by-elections since their governor used black magic to win.

“Question where this Sh240M came from, find out your state of development, are you developing or this money is missing?” Ombeta posed hinting at the possibilities of the money quoted being part of public funds.

According to the legal team, the police still have nothing solid, “up to now they still have nothing.” Ombeta said.

Adding his voice, UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala told the police to cast their net wide enough to bring to book everyone to book, “I call upon the Police, especially the DCI, to ensure all those involved in the matter, including Kakamega County Governor – Hon. Fernandez Baraza records statements to ensure both parties get justice that they deserve.” He said.

Cleophas Malala speaking to the media shortly after visiting Echesa in the hospital.

They now want Barasa to come forward and record a statement with the police as the complainant as his statement will be crucial in building the defense and will also give answers to the bigger questions like the source of money he allegedly paid the extortionists.

Echesa was picked up from his house in Nairobi on Thursday and locked up in cells at Muthaiga over the saga.

Officials said he will take plea on Tuesday April 2.

There were efforts being made to release him on cash bail.

His lawyer Danstan Omari said his client had been detained over claims extortion and stage managed abduction.

He was picked from the cells and taken to Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Kiambu Road for grilling as Omari followed him there.

Police said he has been evading their dragnet in efforts to grill him for possible prosecution

This came a week after a man police said was Echesa’s handler was Wednesday March 20 charged in a Kibera Court for extorting over Sh240 million from Barasa.

William Simiyu Matere alias Elijah appeared before Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Ann Mwangi where he was charged with two counts of demanding property with menace and conspiracy to commit a felony.

According to the prosecution, it is alleged that on diverse dates between December, 2023 and 18th day of March, 2024 at unknown place within the Republic of Kenya, jointly with others not before court, with menaces demanded a total sum of Sh240 million from Fernandez Odinga Barasa.

The other count states that on the same date he jointly with others not before court conspired together to commit a felony namely demanding property with menaces and extorted from Barasa over Sh240 million.

He denied the charges and was freed on a bond of Sh2 million with a surety of the same amount.

The prosecution intends to call four witnesses.

The matter was mentioned on March 27 for pre trial but did not proceed.

The drama broke with videos emerging online showing Echesa in handcuffs and in a thicket with ropes around his hands and legs.

Barasa say this was all stage managed.

New video

A new undated video that has been posted by Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale further complicates the case and implicates the governor as it clearly shows his face questioning Echesa who’s handcuffed and bundled in the back of a car at unknown location.

Initially, the version of this video posted didn’t clearly show the rest to reveal the governor’s face and only reported widely as someone who resembled him, however, this long version shows his face going to further implicate him.

Screenshot of the video showing Barasa questioning handcuffed Echesa.

Screenshot of the video showing Barasa questioning handcuffed Echesa.

Watch the video below.


It remains unclear as to why Echesa was arrested neither is it clear what Barasa was questioning him about.

Here’s the alleged kidnapping video of Echesa that Barasa has since dismissed as staged.



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