Breaking News: City Businessman James Wanjohi Under Fire for Defrauding Jobseekers

James Wanjohi

James Wanjohi Njoroge, a prominent urban entrepreneur, is known for his diverse roles, ranging from a pastor to an influential figure in the online sphere. Once again, he has found himself in a familiar situation.

Mr. Wanjohi’s firm WorthStart Agency headquartered in Nairobi has been linked to alleged fake jobs scams adding to previous fraud claims against him elsewhere.

On Wednesday, the agency’s offices stationed in Pension Towers, Nairobi, was raided by DCI detectives following complaints from disgruntled members of the public who had taken prey to alleged fraud.

In a video seen by Kenya Insights, a distraught young man in his early twenties is seen weeping uncontrollably at the offices of the travel agency yelling how he has lost over Sh60, 000 that he had borrowed to pay the firm for supposed overseas opportunities.

“They promised to secure me a job in Canada, I went ahead and borrowed money elsewhere and since January they’ve been ignoring me and yet they’re holding my passport. I just want my money back.” He’s heard saying in part.

Journalists gather at the premise during the raid.

It’s reported that during the raid, detectives walked away with documents and computers for further investigations. No further statement has been given yet.

Who is WorthStart Africa

According to the information on their website, WorthStart Limited offer a wide range of services including; Travel Consultation, Visa Application and Tracking, Hosting Services, Flight Bookings and Reservations, Hotel Bookings and Reservations
Job Searching and Placements.

They also claim to have connected over 300 people with jobs abroad and helped over 500 people in securing visas for travels abroad.

From their website, the portfolio is perfectly souped giving an impression of a well organized firm. “We are proud to have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams.” Their bio says.

A look on their social media accounts however paints a different story with a number of complaints.

DCI officers confiscating computers during a raid at the offices.

Agency’s reply

In a quick rejoinder following the viral video, the firm has come out to defend itself saying all has been sorted out with the affected client. “We understand the importance of maintaining trust and confidence in our services, and want to assure everyone that we take our client relationships seriously and strive to provide transparent and fair services. We have addressed the matter internally with the individual involved and have come to a resolution.” The statement read in part.

“It is important for our clients and partners to know that we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and customer service. We appreciate your continued trust and support.” It added.

Who is James Wanjohi Njoroge

In 2022, Mr. Wanjohi was charged with theft of a motor vehicle belonging to Juvenia Lydia Mapilele Cohen. He was charged alongside Kevin Brian Amolo and the offense was reportedly committed on November 6, 2020, in Nairobi.

He unsuccessfully vied for Member of Parliament for Roysambu under UDA party in the 2022 elections. He’s also owner of company Voyage Africa Limited, another travel management agency. He’s also a part time pastor.

Mr. Wanjohi is also a director of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI).

Fake recruitment agencies in Kenya

The high rate of unemployment makes Kenya one of the largest labor exporters, hence the high number of recruitment agencies in the country. In the middle of the circus, conmen masquerading as well connected persons have planted fake recruitment agencies nearly in all major cities preying on desperate job seekers, conning them millions while promising non existent employment opportunities abroad.

To help avert this pandemic, the Kenyan government through the National Employment Authority keeps a record of licenced foreign and local recruitment agencies.

The list can be accessed through the National Employment Authority Integrated Management System (NEAIMS) which is currently connecting 8,074 employers with 25,400 job seekers.

Interested Kenyans can connect with the recruiters by clicking and then selecting the “List of Private Employment Agencies” tab on the homepage.

Requirements & Steps for Travelling Abroad for Employment 

The State Department for Diaspora Affairs says that before leaving Kenya;

Confirm whether the agent is licensed and registered with the National Employment Authority via the NEAIMS website

Ensure that you have done an interview, have an offer letter that you have accepted, and have signed a contract.

Also, confirm that you have personally been attested by the Ministry of Labour, and have a visa and air ticket.

Undergo pre-departure training conducted by the Ministry.

Cross-check your job duties in the foreign country – what the job entails, the details of the employer including name, address and contact, salary, and model of payment.

Know the location where you will stay after landing in the country and who will host you before you meet your employer.

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Ensure you have a Work Permit, and a valid, renewable visa depending on your contract length.

Have enough money to facilitate your flight back home in case of an emergency.

Have contacts of Kenya High Commission or the Embassy of the country hosting you.

“If all the above doesn’t point to fraudulent business, once at the airport, please do not carry any luggage that you did not pack yourself. Kenya wishes you the best in your endeavours to seek employment in the diaspora,” the Ministry warns that shrewd agents may use naive recruits as mules to ferry prohibited substances.

List of approved recruitment agencies

Because of consistent fraud, it’s imperative for one to do thorough due diligence before investing and trusting their money with any purporting travel agency.

You can easily check here.

Interestingly, WorthStart Travel Agency is amongst the unregistered companies.

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