Court Session Hits a Roadblock as Suspected Fraudster Odol Okombo Paul Remains Absent

Odol Okombo

Today, the court was left waiting as Odol Okombo, a suspected fraudster, failed to make an appearance. Okombo, who had been impersonating a senior employee at Kenha, stands accused of defrauding a businesswoman of a substantial sum of Sh 2.5M. Despite the anticipation of his presence, Okombo’s absence left the court and the businesswoman disappointed, as they had hoped for justice to be served swiftly.

The case will now be adjourned until a later date, prolonging the wait for the businesswoman seeking retribution for the financial loss she suffered.

According to the chargesheet tabled in court, the accused person defrauded a businesswoman Sh 2.5M on September 27, 2023 at Palacina Hotel in Kilimani within Nairobi County after lying to her that he was in a position to help her land a road construction tender.

He failed to deliver the tender to her even after defrauding her the said amount on the ground that he knew to be false.When the matter was mentioned before Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Monica Maroro, the accused person was conspicuously missing and her lawyer told the court that he developed some breathing problems.” The accused person came in court and developed some breating problems, we pray that the matter be mentioned on Thursday for plea,” her lawyer told the court.

The court directed that the matter be pushed to Thursday.

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