Fraudulent Actions: MP Caleb Amisi Faces Lawsuit for Conning Diplomat

Caleb Amisi

Caleb Amisi, the Member of Parliament (MP) representing Saboti, finds himself entangled in a predicament as a Kenyan diplomat accuses him of neglecting to reimburse a sum of money.

According to a petition filed by diplomat Josphat Machogu, MP Amisi borrowed ‘soft loans’ from him amounting to KSh7.9 million in the pre-election period yet has since not repaid the funds.

Machogu, through his lawyer Daniel Achach, claimed they met in June 2021 during an official visit by a group of MPs to IGAD offices in Djibouti. They exchanged contacts and formed a solid friendship over time.

In January 2022, months to the August 2022 general elections, Amisi reportedly approached the diplomat for some money.

Machogu wired some KSh500,000 to Amisi’s account on January 6, 2022. In April Amisi apparently asked for money, this time, USD 50,000 (KSh6.6 million).

Amisi allegedly said the money was to fund his campaign as he sought to reclaim the Saboti parliamentary seat. He claimed that donations offered were not sufficient to pull through the campaign period.

Even after winning elections in August, the Saboti MP once again reached out to the diplomat, asking for more money to offset some bills. He received an additional USD 10,300 (KSh1.3 million).

Furious, diplomat Machogu allegedly threatened Amisi with legal action and received a payment of KSh500,000. He now wants the court to compel him to repay the remaining KSh7.9 million.

“The plaintiff prays for judgment against the Defendant for USD 60,300.00 and interest at court rates from the date of filing this suit until payment in full,” read the court papers.

Apparently, MP Amisi was confident in winning the election and went ahead to promise that he would repay the money in one instalment. The diplomat however offered to offer him a repayment plan should he lose the seat.

“In the alternative, the Defendant expressed to the Plaintiff that should he not win in the elections, he would give the Plaintiff a payment proposal that would be acceptable, but the Defendant was almost very sure of a win with the Plaintiffs soft loan,” reads the court papers.

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