Crime Alert: Catapult Gang Strikes Again, Robbing Businessman of Ksh.3M

catapult gang

Last week, law enforcement apprehended five individuals suspected to be members of a criminal organization that targeted a businessman’s vehicle in the South C area of Nairobi. The suspects successfully stole nearly Ksh.3 million from the victim during the incident.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the five suspects used a catapult to smash the vehicle’s window before making away with a bag containing Ksh.900,000 and another USD 15,000 (about Ksh.2 million).

The five include; Charles Nzomo, Paul Mukungi, Vincent  Raguma, Jane Mueni, and Shaban Rashid Maingi.

They are also reported to have stolen the businessman’s KCB, DTB & Gulf African Bank ATM cards, a national ID card, a smart driving license, and work-related documents.

He later received a message detailing that Ksh.40,000 had been withdrawn from his DTB and KCB accounts at an ATM in Embakasi, Nairobi.

After the man reported the incident, the Nairobi region Crime Research team and the Operations Unit launched a forensic-led trail and apprehended the five suspects after they traced Nzomo’s car to Tsavo Gardens and later retrieved the victim’s KCB ATM card and a catapult, alleged to have been used to break into the car.

The DCI stated that according to CCTV footage where the man had parked the car, Nzomo was captured smashing the car window with a catapult, Mukungu and Raguma were on the lookout duty, Mueni was monitoring the victim, while Maingi had parked a getaway Mazda Demio car outside.

“All this time, another female suspect, Jane Mueni was busy stalking the victim, as Shaban Rashid Maingi waited in a getaway Mazda Demio fitted with registration plates KCE 822F belonging to a Subaru car,” the DCI said.  

The victim reported the incident at Akila Police Station in Lang’ata and recorded that the gang attacked after he parked his BMW X1 car to visit an auto parts shop along Muhoho Road opposite Rubis Police Station.

In less than five minutes, the suspects managed to steal a bag that contained the said money, leaving a smashed rear window.

According to the DCI, the suspects are believed to be associated with another four suspects who were apprehended on February 16 last year after several car breakings were reported using the same tools still in the same area.

The five suspects are detained at the DCI Lang’ata offices pending arraignment after the Easter holiday.

Meanwhile, plans are underway to retrieve a second motor vehicle and apprehend a sixth suspect, Rodgers Ndung’u, who is believed to have escaped to Mombasa

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