Embarambamba’s Plea to KFCB: A Cry for Understanding and Mercy



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Controversial gospel singer Chris Mosioma, popularly known as Embarambamba, has come out to apologise after the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) sanctioned him for what the body said is lewd content damaging the society’s moral fabric.

In a short video shared on his social media platforms, Embarambamba begged KFCB not to take the action against him, saying his kids will suffer if his content is removed from online platforms.

The singer said he solely relies on his content for an income, which in turn he uses to feed his family, and the latest move by KFCB will only throw them into suffering.

“Please naomba msamaha, kwa sababu ile barua mmeniwekea kwa mkono wangu ni nzito. Najua bianadamu aliyezaliwa na mwanamke hawezi kosa makosa. Nawaomba msamaha,” Embarambamba begged.

He also went ahead to ask forgiveness from Kenyans, saying anyone offended by his songs and content, should find it in their heart to forgive him.

“Mimi nilijua nafanya hizi nyimbo za Mungu watoto wangu wasome, wakule vizuri na mimi nikae vizuri kwa maisha yangu. Lakini Wakenya, sina uwezo,” he added.

Embarambamba further admitted that what he has been doing online is not right, saying he is looking forward to changing his content to reflect societal expectations.

“Mngeniskiza. Kuliko nidelete nyimbo zangu kutoka Youtube, mnibakishie kidogo ili nisomeshe watoto wangu na wapate kitu ya kukula. 6.4 million views yote jamani?” Embarambamba further begged.

This comes after KFCB sanctioned Embarambamba alongside another artist identified as Getumbe over their controversial gospel songs.

KFCB ordered the removal from YouTube and social media platforms of all songs done by the two artists.

Further, they were barred from doing more lewd songs in the name of gospel music.

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