Esther Passaris aligns herself with the ruling UDA Party due to corruption allegations.

Esther Passaris

Esther Passaris, the Woman Representative of Nairobi, is facing criticism over corruption allegations related to a women’s project funded by the Nairobi National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF).

As scrutiny intensifies over questionable tendering practices, Passaris has made a surprising political shift, expressing admiration for President William Ruto and the ruling UDA party.

Critics argue this move is a calculated effort to evade prosecution.

Her recent public praise for Ruto has fueled suspicions that Passaris is leveraging political alignment to protect herself from the fallout of her alleged corrupt activities.

Esther Passaris and Her Suspicious Tendering Practices

The Safe House project, which began in 2022, aims to support survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Nairobi County.

However, the tendering process has raised red flags due to discrepancies.

Documents reviewed by The Standard reveal that officials are retendering materials and works supposedly completed under Phase One for Phase Two without any official addendum.

This raises serious concerns about double procurement and potential misappropriation of funds.

During a site visit last week, contractors and representatives from the Regional Works office pointed out flaws in the tender documents.

However, these concerns were quickly dismissed by officials. Such actions have only intensified scrutiny on Passaris and her involvement in the project.

Political Strategy Amid Corruption Scandal

As these allegations gain traction, Passaris appears to be distancing herself from the opposition ODM party, instead expressing newfound admiration for President William Ruto and the ruling UDA party.

In a recent TikTok video, she criticized her detractors and reaffirmed her support for the Finance Bill 2024, despite previously voting for the controversial Finance Bill 2023.

Passaris’s sudden praise for President Ruto and his policies has raised eyebrows.

She emphasized her willingness to support the Finance Bill 2024, arguing that it is necessary for the country’s economic stability.

Many see this shift in allegiance as a strategic move for her to gain favor with the ruling party and shield herself from potential legal repercussions.

Playing Both Sides?

Despite her membership in Azimio and her loyalty to ODM leader Raila Odinga, Passaris’s recent statements reveal a contradictory stance.

“Just because I’m in Azimio and I’m a Baba Girl doesn’t mean I have to hate Ruto,” she declared, highlighting her admiration for Ruto’s governance.

This duplicity has fueled speculation that her newfound loyalty is a calculated effort to secure immunity from prosecution as corruption allegations mount.

A Pattern of Corruption

Passaris’s political career has been marred by accusations of corruption.

Her involvement in the questionable tendering practices for the Safe House project is just the latest in a series of controversies.

Critics argue that her public display of support for the President is a desperate attempt to align with a regime that has been lenient towards other corrupt figures.


As investigations into the Safe House project continue, Esther Passaris’s political realignment raises important questions about her integrity and motivations.

Is she genuinely supportive of President Ruto’s policies, or is she merely seeking protection from the looming corruption charges?

Only time will reveal the true extent of her intentions, but for now, the shadow of corruption continues to loom over her political career.

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