Order Demolition of This Building, Residents Ask Court

Order Demolition of This Building, Residents Ask Court

Residents of Taza Lane, City Park Drive, Parklands have filed an application in Court praying that Nairobi County officers who refused to stop developers from continuing with construction of a building on L.R. No. 209/7549 be ordered to demolish the additional structures erected after the court order was given.

On 25th May 2023, Justice A. Angote of ELC Court Nairobi, made orders compelling Nairobi County and its senior lands and urban planning department officers to stop any further construction on the property following a petition by neighbours that the development lacked mandatory approvals as required under the Physical Land and Urban Planning Act and that building such a high number of residential apartments in an area with no public sewer system is in breach, denial and violation of their right to a clean and healthy environment.

On 25th January 2024, the Court found and held Patrick Analo, Stephen Gathuita Mwangi, Stephen Mwadime, Stephen Mumo and Fredrick Ochanda together with Mohamed Abakare, Yusuf Asker Mohamed, Arch. Salim Komora and Stella Nyamu guilty of contempt of court and ordered them to appear in court on 19th June 2024 for sentencing.
The Petitioners have stated in their applications that will be heard on 7th July 2024 that the Contemnors must now be forced to purge their contempt by removing all the extra and additional structures they have added since May 2023, including the swimming pool and other finishes.

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