Express Feeders LTD linked to Fraud, Money Laundering.

Express Feeders LTD

An international Organisation has raised alarm after various complaints of fraud emanated from Express Feeders Group LTD, a Kenyan and global based company.

The company that was registered and incorporated in Kenya, East Africa with branches and regional representatives around the Globe has been accused of engaging in shoddy corrupt deals which involve economic crimes of money laundering.

” We have regestered some complains where our staff members from. turkey and Europe have been conned, we urge investors to keep off the said company,” said a businessman who wanted to remain unanimous alongside his company.

He urged the Kenyan Government to get into the matter and investigate the said company for justice to prevail.

” We have tried our best to get in contact with the company officials but all in vain, we have waited for years for the company officials to deliver us some gold but its not baring fruits,” he added.

Our efforts to get feedback from soms officials did not bare any fruit

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