Governor Nathif implicated in corruption scandal by Women Rep Udgoon

Governor Nathif

The extensive corruption carried out by governors in the larger NEP regions has long been recognized and extensively documented. However, a recent development is the emergence of women leaders who are now challenging the traditional practice of embezzlement.

Garissa County Women Representative Hon. Udgoon Siyat has accused Governor Nathif Jama and his administration of gross negligence, wanton corruption, and a dire governance situation. The MP claims that the governor has been lining his pockets and those of his cronies while the county’s health system remains in a deplorable state.

Hon. Udgoon has questioned the allocation and expenditure of billions of shillings meant for the county’s development, pointing out the absence of chief officers in departments, which has allowed Governor Nathif to act with impunity. Moreover, despite GAWASCO receiving substantial funding from both the county and external organisations, the water scarcity issue persists, with dry taps across the region serving as a testament to the deeply entrenched corruption within Governor Nathif’s leadership.

“We have hospitals in a grotesque state, lacking essential drugs and amenities. Yet, Governor Nathif has consistently ignored the massive pilferage of public funds under his watch,” Hon. Udgoon stated.

The Women Representative has vowed to hold Governor Nathif accountable, emphasising that history will judge her harshly if she remains silent. In a scathing remark, she also revealed that the governor is allegedly shielding a rapist because the individual is a doctor working for him.

“We cannot expect righteous deeds from a man who protects a rapist. The funds meant for the great people of Garissa County must be used prudently. Accountability is a must,” Hon. Udgoon declared.

The looting in Garissa is really killing the hopes of many of ever rising above the poverty line, while the governor and his cronies are erecting properties everywhere at the expense of the poor people.

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