Investor Makes Bold Move to Acquire Bidsworth Auto-Rent

Bidsworth Auto-Rent Company

An investor based in Nairobi has come forward with serious allegations against Bidsworth Auto-Rent Company, accusing them of failing to honor their investment agreement.

The investor who invested Ksh. 80,000 with the company on February 20, 2023, was promised monthly dividends of Ksh. 12,000 for five months, with the return of his principal amount at the end of the sixth month.

However, despite receiving the first dividend in March 2023, subsequent payments have not been made.

According to the victim, communication with the company is counterproductive.

He detailed his numerous attempts to resolve the issue, including multiple visits to the company’s office, where he was repeatedly assured that his payments would be sorted out soon.

His financial adviser who is also listed as a referee and works for Bidsworth Auto-Rent Company is also unresponsive.

This investment was documented in a signed agreement between himself and Bidsworth Auto-Rent Company, with the involvement of a lawer.

The agreement outlines the terms of the investment and the expected returns, which have not been honored.

In his submission, the source shared relevant documents, including the investment agreement, an M-Pesa statement showing his transactions and the company’s banking details for verification.

“Hi Nyakundi.  I am Henry Odhiambo Olando. There’s an investment company based in Nairobi that deals mainly with capital, car renting, and real estate called Bidsworth Auto-Rent company. I invested a total of Ksh. 80,000 with the company on 20th Feb 2023. According to the terms of the contract, I was supposed to receive monthly dividends of Ksh. 12,000 for 5 months and the invested amount (Ksh. 80k) on the sixth Month. The contract was to end on 20th August 2023 by which I was to get my Ksh 80,000 plus a total of Ksh. 60,000 as dividends. I only received the first dividend of 12k in March 2023. Since then, I’ve never received any dividends. I’ve tried communicating with the company, but all they keep telling me is to wait. I’ve visited the office several times, but the language has been “we will sort you soon. Once verification has been done”. This has been happening since April 2023 to date. I’m sure many people are going through the same, as many who visited while I visited had the same complaint. I have the contract signed by the company, their lawyer, and me in hard copy. My financial adviser (who is also the referee and works for the company) is called Julius Waithaka of phone: 0721920904 and 0101161900. Julius has not been answering my calls, and even if he does, he doesn’t give a valid reason for the delayed payments. I can be reached anytime via phone: 0714547128 or email Kindly help.”

Bidsworth Auto-Rent Company Banking Details
Bidsworth Auto-Rent Company Banking Details


M-Pesa Statement
M-Pesa Statement
Investment Agreement

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