Jeremiah Mustisyah Paul and four co-defendants face charges related to a Sh 11 billion land fraud case

Jeremiah Mustisyah Paul

At the Milimani Court, Jeremiah Mustisyah Paul and four other individuals are facing charges for conspiring to defraud land valued at Sh 11 billion in Mavoko.

The case, initiated by members of the Drumvale Farmers Cooperative Society, has garnered considerable interest due to the substantial scale of the alleged fraud.

Complainant and Legal Representation

The complainants in the case, represented by the esteemed city lawyer Murimi Waweru, have sought justice for the alleged fraudulent activities surrounding the land worth billions. Murimi, known for his vigorous advocacy, has urged the court to grant tough bond terms to the accused, citing concerns for the safety of witnesses.

Demand for Tough Bond Terms

Murimi emphasized the gravity of the accusations, asserting that the accused pose a threat to the integrity of the case and the safety of those involved. He highlighted the violation of constitutional rights by the accused, urging the court to impose stringent bond conditions to ensure accountability and prevent tampering with evidence.

Charges and Denial

The five accused individuals, namely Jeremiah Mustisyah Paul, Mohamed Kuroyow Mohammed, Salat Ibrahim, Omar Khalif Adam, Adow Ahmed, and Joseph Njue, have denied the charges brought against them. They appeared before the Milimani courts to refute the allegations and defend their innocence.

Offences and Allegations

The court heard allegations of fraudulent activities, including the unlawful acquisition of land parcels through false pretenses and forgery. The accused were charged with offenses committed between February 11, 2018, and January 7, 2021, involving the fraudulent acquisition and registration of land parcels belonging to the Drumvale Farmers Cooperative Society.

Court Proceedings

Following the denial of the charges, the accused were released on a cash bail of Sh. 500,000 each, with an alternative bond of Sh. 5 million. The court proceedings have shed light on the complexities of the case and the legal battle ahead for both the prosecution and the defense.

The legal battle surrounding the alleged conspiracy to defraud land worth Sh 11 billion in Mavoko underscores the importance of upholding justice and accountability in land transactions. With the accused denying the charges and legal proceedings underway, the case is poised to navigate through intricate legal intricacies in the pursuit of truth and justice.


  1. What are the specific charges against the accused individuals?
    • The accused individuals are charged with conspiracy to defraud land worth Sh 11 billion, among other related offenses.
  2. Who is representing the complainant in court?
    • The complainants are represented by the prominent city lawyer Murimi Waweru.
  3. Why did the lawyer request tough bond terms for the accused?
    • The lawyer requested tough bond terms due to concerns for witness safety and the gravity of the allegations.
  4. What are the bail conditions imposed on the accused?
    • The accused were released on a cash bail of Sh. 500,000 each, with an alternative bond of Sh. 5 million.
  5. What are the potential consequences of the case for the accused and the complainant?
    • The case could have significant implications for both the accused individuals and the complainant, depending on the outcome of the legal proceedings.

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