Kapkwen Police Station lacks sufficient firearms, causing fear among residents

Kapkwen Police Station

We have received a worrying report from Kapkwen, Chepalungu Sub County, Bomet County, where a newly established police station, operational since October 2023, reportedly lacks enough firearms.

An active resident from the area who reached out anonymously revealed that despite the commendable efforts of the officers stationed at Kapkwen Police Station (which consists of approximately 10 personnel, including an OCS) the absence of enough firearms is severely hampering their ability to combat crime effectively.

“How do you operate a police station without a firearm and send junior officers to effect arrests of hardcore criminals?” the concerned local asked in part of his submission.

This absence of firearms not only impedes officers in apprehending criminals but also raises serious concerns about the station’s preparedness to respond to criminal activities, particularly in an area with bustling business activities like Kapkwen.

“They work with the grace of God” the source added.

The resident raised also pertinent questions regarding accountability and responsibility for this frustrating situation.

“I am just asking who is supposed to supply guns to a newly established police station?” the source questioned.

The source also expressed doubts regarding the competency of the station’s leadership, stating, “Does the OCS know his work? How do you operate a police station without a firearm and send junior officers to effect the arrest of hardcore criminals?”

“Something should be done here about 8 months OCS doesn’t care for the life of citizens in Kapkwen,” concluded the source, further hinting at potential protests by declaring, “We shall demonstrate very soon about this issue.”

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