Samsung Kenya accused of not paying promoter incentives


Samsung Kenya is facing severe backlash following accusations that the company has failed to fulfill its obligations towards its promoters, withholding their incentives since March 2024.

Promoters assert that they are being compelled to carry on with their duties despite the absence of compensation and transparent communication from the company.

According to inside sources, Samsung Kenya has cited financial difficulties as the reason for the delays.

However, this explanation has not been well received by the affected promoters who rely on these incentives as part of their earnings.

One promoter, speaking to on condition of anonymity, expressed their frustration.

“Samsung Kenya has refused to pay their promoters incentives since March and they keep on expecting them to work. There is no clear information and they are saying they don’t have enough money,” the insider revealed.

“It’s unbelievable how they’re expecting us to continue promoting their products without compensating us for our efforts. They keep giving vague excuses about financial constraints, but it’s clear they’re not prioritizing their employees welfare.”

Samsung Kenya has not yet released an official statement addressing these allegations.

The situation raises serious concerns about the treatment of employees and the company’s financial management practices.

As this story develops, there will likely be increased pressure on Samsung Kenya to resolve the issue and provide clear communication and fair compensation to their promoters.

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