Paul Mackenzie’s terrorism case hearing dates confirmed by Shanzu Court

Shanzu Court

The Shanzu court is preparing to start the trial of a significant terrorism case involving Paul Mackenzie and 94 other individuals, who are connected to the tragic Shakahola massacre.

Scheduled to begin on July 8th, 2024, the proceedings will unfold over two separate sessions, from July 8th to 11th and July 22nd to 25th.

Shanzu Principal Magistrate Hon. Leah Juma, overseeing the case, emphasized the importance of expediting the delivery of justice. She set stringent timelines for the trial, ensuring all parties involved adhere to the scheduled hearing dates.

In a significant development, the court ordered the Probation and Aftercare service to accelerate the preparation of pre-bail reports. While some reports have been completed, an additional 21 days were granted to finalize reports for the remaining 35 out of the 95 accused individuals.

These pre-bail reports play a crucial role in the court’s decision-making process regarding an application by the prosecution to oppose the release of Mackenzie and his co-accused on bond.

To monitor progress, Hon. Juma directed that the matter be mentioned on May 29th, 2024, to confirm whether Probation and Aftercare would have completed and served the probation reports to all relevant parties.

Furthermore, the court addressed urgent medical concerns, directing the Shimo la Tewa Prison Authority to transfer three accused persons to the hospital due to their deteriorating health conditions. The court requested a detailed medical report on their status, which will be presented on the upcoming mention date.

Mackenzie and his co-accused face multiple charges, including engaging in organized criminal activity, radicalization, facilitating the commission of a terrorist act, and possession of items connected with terrorism offenses under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2012.

The charges stem from alleged activities between 2020 and 2023, during which the accused, purportedly members of the Good News International Ministries, operated within the Kwa Mackenzie area of Shakahola Forest, Chakama Location, endangering lives and resulting in the deaths of 429 individuals.

Additionally, the accused are accused of promoting an extreme belief system conducive to violence and facilitating the transportation of members and followers of the Good News International Ministries between Shakahola Forest and Malindi Township, thereby endangering their lives.

Paul Nthenge Mackenzie and two others are specifically accused of being in possession of materials intended to instigate terrorist acts, such as CDs, DVDs, books, and pamphlets.

As the trial approaches, all eyes are on the Shanzu court as it prepares to address these grave allegations and deliver justice in one of the most significant cases in recent memory.

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