Stop disobeying court orders or face it once we assume office, LSK top Presidential candidate Peter Wanyama tells state as Omari digs in


The Law Society of Kenya incoming President Peter Wanyama has warned the state of dire consequences if it does not stop its culture of disobeying court orders.

While addressing the country today in Nairobi during the last day of LSK campaigns, Wanyama said that his administration will not allow anyone to disrepect or undermine the judiciary in whatever way.

” Today I am warning all Kenyans and elected leaders that undermining the independence of Judiciary is unconstitutional and unacceptable,” Wanyama said.

The fire brand advocates said that he will eradicate all the quacks from the industry adding that their days were numbered.

He also promised to create jobs for the youthful advocates in the country

Wanyama spoke alongside Veteran lawyer Danstan Omari who urged all advocates to rally behind him.

Omari said that Wanyama had a good accomodative Manifesto that will see his administration eradicating fake advocates with the law fraternity.

” The people who caused quacks to flourish in the law fraternity are the same people pretending that they can root out quacks, it is only Wanyama who has the capability of eradicating fake advocates,” said Omari.

Wanyama will be the 51st law society of Kenya President once elected in the February 29 elections

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