Uncovering Dark Secrets: A Twitter User’s Accusation of a Friend’s Involvement in Incest

  • Breaking Taboos: One Twitter User Shatters Silence on Alleged Mother-Daughter Pregnancy

Sunday, March 10, 2024 – A Twitter user has called out a friend for allegedly impregnating a mother and daughter.

@jaccy_ambrose who noted that the man has not taken responsibility for the pregnancies, further revealed that he’s yet to tell his fiancée.

She tweeted;

“You slept with both mother and daughter, while being engaged to another. Now, both mother and daughter are pregnant for you, while you’re planning ur wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, ur fiancée has no idea about.. You better take responsibility for ur dirty act before I expose you.. Person wey get sub don catch am. You want to come at me right??? Bring it on.. I double dare you… Two can play this game!!! Grab your popcorn y’all. It’s about to be a long night!!!”

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